Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TG Story: "Humility Training"

Synopsis: A "day in the life" type of a story about a boy forcibly transformed by his stepfather, perhaps for no other reason than his personal torment... 

Categories of Interest: Humiliation, Forced Feminization, Surgery, High Heels

(Includes graphic images)

Word Count: 1,742


 I've been getting a lot of great feedback on these, and I thank you all for reading them! I am open to suggestions and requests moving forward (including private, personalized story requests) so feel free to message me if you have any thoughts!

(I temporarily had to go back to datafilehost because megafileupload was down. I may change it back in the future.)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

TG Story: "The Governess"

"The Governess"

Synopsis: After the death of his mother, Nathan is sent to live with his new legal guardian and family "friend", the Governess. Little does he know, however, that she has far more in store for him than a mere change of wardrobe...

Categories of Interest: Crossdressing, Bondage, Forced Feminization, Hormones, Surgery

(Includes graphic images)

Word Count: 2886


I apologize for the crazy amount of time it took me to get this one out. It is substantially longer than my last story, and finding the right images can be a real bitch. Still, it's here now, and I hope some of you enjoy it. Readers had very few issues with the last release, so I'm glad to see that everyone is able to access the stories easily. But please- bookmark the link Paypal sends you to. As much as I like responding to dozens of emails requesting misplaced links, I really don't, so do me that solid. For any other issues, please feel free to email me at my Paypal address. Thanks!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Changing Gears with TG Stories: "A Bad Reception"

I've been creating captions for a while now, but it's become more and more clear that they haven't really been "captions" as much as "short stories"- or short stories crammed into caption form. I've always thought it was kind of limiting, and it never gave me enough space to spread my literary wings, so to speak.
The truth is, I spent a lot of time finding the right images for my ideas. So much so that I think a simple caption is a waste of a good find. So I decided to take my TG writing into a new direction- actual, full-size tales (that don't skimp on the imagery, either). I have a ton of ideas for these, and I'm very excited to start transferring them to text!
But as I suggested, I put a lot of time into these, which is why I'm refraining from general public viewing. That and some people may really not want to see them. So, if you'd like, please check out my first short story (shorter than future stories, I assure you) and tell me what you think. If I'm way off base here I'd like to know.
As usual, the paypal button will direct you to the download link, feel free to e-mail me at the paypal e-mail address if you have any issues!

"A Bad Reception"

Synopsis: It's 16-year-old Timothy's mother's wedding day, but not everybody is celebrating. Raised to be female, Timothy is forced to endure yet another episode of familial oppression- except this time, decisions are made that cannot be undone...
Categories of Interest: Crossdressing, Family, Forced Feminization, High Heelss, Hormones, Surgery
(No graphic images)
Word Count: 1688